Privacy, Data Protection and Security

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The Information Technology (IT) Department of the University has conducted an online workshop on Privacy, Data Protection and Security on 14th April 2022.  The workshop was conducted by Ms Roselle Solitario, an IT Lecturer.

During the session, the presenter focused on What Privacy and Data Protection are? About Our Data, Privacy or Security Principles and Privacy Rights.  Moreover, the presenter introduced and demonstrated how a live network of a third party sites are connected to the current browser session using the Orbis Eye and Thunder Beam plug-ins in Google Chrome.  The demonstration captured the attention of participants as they have witnessed how their personal data may be shared to other sites without the user’s consent.  Interestingly, Ms Roselle showed the steps on how to get all these avoided, thus tracking of personal data can be avoided, too. Additionally, for the security part, she pointed out that security is a way of protecting assets about people’s data that company has collected so that these companies will make sure that confidentiality, integrity and availability goals are being protected and achieved.  Lastly, she cited important points to consider especially in protecting or securing our data such as, always download from an official website, always keeping Operating System and antivirus updated, always clear cookies and browsing history and always read before clicking. 

The presenter recorded 25 participants from the University who benefited the session.  After the workshop, a feedback was collected.  On a scale of 1-5 where 5 is the highest, the feedback result was 3.5.

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