How to write a research paper

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The Information Technology Department, through its Course Project sub-committee has organized a training session titled, “How to Write a Research Paper” in 7th April 2022.  The session was delivered by Dr Omar Hussein Al Guboori, an IT lecturer, and the target audience were those students in Diploma and Bachelor levels who are currently enrolled in course project.  The main objective of this program was to give orientation to students in dealing with research.

The training session focused on answering to the following questions:

  • Why we do research?
  • What is the meaning of researcher?
  • What are the available types of researches?
  • The 9 steps to write an article. 

The training session started at 9:30 AM and concluded at 10:30 AM with the participation of 15 students.  After the session, a feedback was taken from the participants and a result of 4.02 was recorded from a scale of 1-5 where 5 was the highest.

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