CISCO Networking – Middle East NetRiders 2017competition

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Recently, Cisco Networking Academy announced the NetRiders 2017 competition through the Higher College of Technology – a local Cisco Networking Academy in Oman. Ibri College of Technology (IbriCT) was chosen to be the center for conducting the NetRiders 2017 competition for Al-Dhahirah Governorate. This is the second time that IbriCT runs the NetRiders competition.

The NetRiders worldwide networking skills competition organized by Cisco. It aims at enhancing classroom learning through a series of online exams and network simulation activities using Ciscos’s Web technologies and tools such as the Ciscos’ Packet Tracer. Competitions were offered at 3 levels (CCNA, CCENT and IT Essentials) for students currently or recently enrolled in a Cisco Networking Academy course. The first round of the competition was completed on 11/05/2017. The next round will be announced later.

The successful completion of the first round was achieved through the leadership provided by Mr. Junath Nasser Ahmed. He led a team of members that smoothed the process of conducting the overall competition.

The Team of members who executed this event are: Mr Norman (Ibri College of Applied Science) Ms Moza al Shebani (ETC Staff), Ms Roselle (Networking Teacher) Dr Shanmugam (Networking Teacher) , Mr Wilson (Networking Teacher) , Ms Nasim al Balushi (Networking Teacher), Mr Prabu Arokiaraj (Networking Teacher), Mr Mohammed Mohideen (Networking Teacher) and Ms. Samia Al Yaqoobi who handled many of the logistics of condinating between participating colleges and IbriCT.

The HoD IT Mr Safik khan, HoS IT Mr William, HoS Math Dr Pugalarasu welcomed the students with lots of cheer and they supported them in all aspects. The Dean and Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs were also supportive of the event.

A total of 39 students from across the Governorate were participated in this competition, among them 9 students from College of Applied science Ibri, and 30 students from IbriCT.

The competition were held in the following countries:

  1. Lebanon
  2. Bahrain,Iraq,Jordan,Kuwait,Palestine Qatar
  3.  Saudia Arabia,Turkey , Yemen
  4. Oman , UAE
  5. Afghanistan
  6. Pakistan


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