Blockchain Training

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 The Staff Development Committee of the Information Technology Departments for both Ibri College of Technology and Ibri College of Applied Sciences organised three days’ training on Blockchain. The presenters were Ms Khaloud Al Makhharoumi and Ms Huda Al Badi. The event took place from 16 to 18 December 2018 in Lab A109. 

At the beginning of the training, presenters discussed the following training objectives:

1.     Introduce Blockchain technology for participants.

2.     Train participants on Blockchain opportunities.

3.     Build basic programming skills needed for Blockchain.

4.     Concentrate on Blockchain security challenges and how to overcome them.

4.     The schedule of the training was as following:



16 December 2018

Introduction to Blockchain and Blockchain Security

17 December 2018

Introduction to Hyper Ledger platform and writing smart contracts

18 December 2018

Implement a simple project based on Blockchain.

Overall, the training was highly interactive, with many faculty members clarifying their doubts from different departments. On a scale of 5 the average feedback was 4.3   


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