How to Write a Successful Research Paper

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The Research and Consultancy Committee of the Information Technology Department, Ibri College of Technology, conducted an online workshop on Thursday, 16 April 2020 at 12 PM entitled “How to Write a Successful Research Paper”. The main objectives of the workshop were to highlight some of the best practices and strategies used in writing a successful research paper. The workshop was conducted online through Zoom Video Conferencing and attracted around 30 staff members from the Information Technology and Engineering Departments. It was delivered by Assoc. Prof Dr Hasanain Faisal Ghazi Habasha. He is an associate professor in Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed journals and conference papers and is the author of five books related to research paper writing and publication. 

The workshop was conducted in two sessions. During the first session, the speaker gave insights on how to construct and write a good quality manuscript. Furthermore, he shed light on the general rules a researcher should follow while preparing a manuscript. Additionally, the speaker illustrated the publication process from the publisher’s perspective, highlighting the types of journals available today. 

In the second session of the workshop, the speaker introduced some online services provided by various publishers to help researchers select suitable journals. Among these services are Journal Finder from Elsevier, Journal Suggester from Springer and Journal Selector from Edanz. Moreover, the speaker gave an overview of predatory journals and how to detect these types of journals; in addition, he explained why researchers should avoid these journals. Additionally, the general stages of the journal’s review process were presented. The speaker also emphasised how to respond to the reviewers, in case your manuscripts have been conditionally accepted.

Lastly, a minutes were allotted for questions and answers, where our guest speaker answered attendees’ questions. The session concluded at 1:45 PM. The recordings of the two sessions are available online on the following links:

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