• To be able to know the different key technologies to develop the Renewable Energy System
  • To realize the current scenario of the Renewable Energy Status
  • To analyse the barriers to implement the Renewable energy and its corresponding solution
  • To understand the Renewable Energy market strategy and employment
  • To aware the renewable status in GCC Countries


  • SORESA will play a valuable contribution towards the renewable energy development in Sultanate of Oman.
  • It will promote the applications of renewable energy to the society through it activities.
  • It will make awareness about the job opportunities in the Renewable field to the student community.
  • It shall be bridging the gap between academia and industry by key note address and guest Lecture.
  • It will give the opportunity to share the new innovative idea, trends in renewable research field to the academic faculty and students to develop further.


Nowadays, global warming effects are predominantly faced by the international community. Drastic action is required to counteract global warming. The scientists are alarmed that 2 degrees of global warming destroy the ecosystems on around 13 % of the world’s land area and increasing the risk of extinction for many insects, plants, and animals. To mitigate the effect of global warming, Global leaders build a strong international treaty called Parris Agreement. The sultanate of Oman also has been confirmed that the sultanate has made a contribution to reducing the carbon footprint by 2% from 2020 to 2030.

Inspired by this international high-level treaty, UTAS- IBRI planned to conduct an national level Symposium on scope of renewable Energy system and its application (SORESA-22) to discuss the current status, incorporation, economic factors, environmental factors, and problems associated with Renewable Energy systems. SORESA -22 invites Renewable energy related papers to discuss the development, technology, policies, issues, and their experiences.

SORESA-22 offers a platform to show innovative projects in Renewable Energy field to the world for further development in this field. It also gives the opportunity to young minds to show their innovative idea in renewable energy systems.

Middle East countries have been contributing to reducing the climate change effect at their own pace. SORESA-22 creates the discussion forum, invites the industrialists and start-up entrepreneurs will have a discussion on renewable energy development, Market, and job opportunities in the GCC Countries. In a nutshell, SORESA-22 focuses the Renewable Energy progress nationally.

SORESA 22 Schedule

 : 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Quran Recitation
 : 10:00 AM – 10:05 AM
Welcome Address
 : 10:05 AM – 10:15 AM
Keynote Address
 : 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM
Tea Break
 : 11:00 AM – 11:20 AM
Paper Presentation and Project Exhibition
 : 11:20 AM – 01:20 PM
Guest Lecture
 : 01:20 PM – 02:00 PM
Announcement of Winners and Valedictory Ceremony
 : 02:00 PM – 02:15 PM
 : 02:15 PM – 03:00 PM



The Papers must be in Renewable Energy area only which include the following topics but not limited to:
  • Renewable Energy System Development and Technologies
  • Renewable Energy Development in the Middle East
  • IoT in Renewable Energy System
  • Renewable Energy Policy
  • Renewable Energy Applications and Products
  • Energy Storage
  • Waste to Energy Solution
  • Hybrid Power Systems
  • Role of Smart Grid in Renewable Energy
  • Issues and Challenges in Renewable Energy

Paper Format

Paper Title
Literature Review Summary (in case of a survey paper)
System Block / Circuit / Simulation Diagram (if any)
Project Outcomes / Results (if any)
Acknowledgement ( optional)

Guidelines for Paper Prepration

  • The Paper title should be 18 font size, Times New Roman.
  • All the subtitles should be 12 font size, Times New Roman and make it Bold.
  • All the contents should be 12 font size, Times New Roman.
  • Paper should be in single column format no limitations in the number of pages.
  • The page margin should be 2.5 cm in all the four sides: Top, Bottom, Left, and Right.

General Guidelines

  • English will be used an official language for paper preparation.
  • Registration is free.

Important Dates

Last Date of Abstract Submission
17 / May / 2022
Date of Intimation of Shortlisted Paper
19 / May / 2022
Last Date of Camera Ready Paper
26 / May / 2022

Project Exhibition


The Projects must be in Renewable Energy area only which include the following topics but not limited to:
  • Wind Energy Applications
  • Photovoltaic Technologies
  • Solar-Thermal Applications
  • Solar Energy for Standalone/Grid Applications
  • Geothermal Applications
  • Environment-Friendly Energy Systems
  • Wave and Tidal Energies
  • Biomass Energy
  • Fuel Cell Applications
  • Hydroenergy
  • Biofuel

General Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Project Poster submission and Demo Video and its related communications shall be in English.
  • No cap for number of teams participating from the Higher Education Institutions and fresh graduates.
  • Poster Size: A1 Size is mandatory.
  • Each team must make its own arrangement for their Project Exhibition (laptop, working model, accessories, etc).

Important Dates

Last Date of Poster Submission
17 / May / 2022
Date of Intimation of Shortlisted Posters
19 / May / 2022
Last Date of Short Video Submission
26 / May / 2022

Keynote Address and Guest Lecture

waiting for confirmation.

Speaker 1

Topic 1

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Speaker 1

Topic 2

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Speaker 3

Topic 3

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  • Programme Committee
  • Coordinators
    Nasser Salim Saleh Ali Al-Shammakhi (HoD)
    Dr. V. Ilankumaran (HoS, Electrical and Electronics Section)
    Dr. Baskaran Geetha (HoS, Mechanical and Industrial Section)
    Dr. Sharmila Deve Venkatachalam (SORESA 22 Over-all Coordinator)
  • Members
    Nahid Khamis Humaid Amur Al-Muqrashi
    Shafi Khamis Ghumail Shafi Al-Shukri
  • Paper Submission and Evaluation Committee
  • Coordinators
    Dr. Rehna Veerankutty Jameela (Electronics Engineering)
    Dr. Muruganandam Masilamani (Electrical Engineering)
    Dr. Sivananth Varatharajan (Mechanical Engineering)
    Nawal Mohammed Saif Al-Sawafi(Applied Sciences)
    Khalid Mehmood Abdul Qadir(Applied Sciences)
    Dr. Suthagar John (Applied Sciences)
  • Members
    Rajangam Devasenathipathy
    Sreenivas Venkatraman Naik
    Naarisetti Srinivasa rao
    Stephen Leon Joseph
    Chandrasekhara Badenahally Lakshmana
  • Project Submission and Evaluation Committee
  • Coordinators
    Dr. Kumaravel Govindharasu (Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
    Veera Nagi Reddy Varampati (Electrical Engineering)
    Joseph Michel (Mechanical Engineering)
    Abdul Hafeez Sajid (Electronics Engineering)
  • Members
    Prasad Yadav Kurikyala
    Reddy Ganesh
    Perungosh Athisubbiah Khanapadi
    Sathyendran Rathinavel
    Jayasankar Srilla
    Junaid P.M
    Mohammed Khalfan Saif Al-Sudairi
    Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Al-Shammakhi
    Abdulmalik Sultan Mohammed Al-Farsi
  • Registration and Reception Committee
  • Coordinators
    Subha Bharathi Senthilkumar
    Santhosh Byatappa
    Antony Judice Alexcius Victor
    Saleh Hamed Khalifa Al-Shaaili
  • Members
    Gopinath Gunasekaran
    Rajesh Goud Kanthi
    Sheikha Tarish Rashed Saif Al-Mamari
    Ahmed Mohammed Subaa Al-Sawafi
    Asma Salim Hilal Al Azri
  • Outreach, Promotion, and Publicity Committee
  • Coordinators
    Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh Dhayanithi
    Dr. Manikandan Subramaniyan
    Ahmed Hamed Abdullah Al-Adwani
  • Members
    Maswoodhur Rahman Abdul Wahidh
    Mahmood Khamis Saif Khamis Al-Nasseri
  • Session Coordination and Physical Arrangement Committee
  • Coordinators
    Arthur Davis Nicholas
    Irshad Ahmed Mathari
    Almuhannad Yaqoob Khalfan Al-Nadabi
  • Members
    Dr.Divakara Shetty A.S
    Aaron James.S
    Raghupathi Senthilvel
    Shankar Balasubramani
    Sathyendran Rathinavel
    Chandrashekar M. C.
    Reynaldo Franco Santos Jr.
    Mohammed Ali Taher
  • Certificate and Media Committee
  • Coordinators
    Lizette Ivy Gacula Catadman Pascual
    Abid Siddique Chaudhary
  • Members
    Krishnakumar Kosalaram
    Veera Sivakumar Chinamuttevi
    Jesus Ponce Sarmiento
    Jose Jamito Manaig Jr.
    Halima Mohammed Humaid Rashid Al- Waili
  • Food and Beverage Committee
  • Coordinators
    Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Mohammed Nazeer
    Khalid Rashid Mohammed Al-Hatmi
  • Members
    Mohammed Riyaz Khazi